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Showcasing Original Art By Chris Blank

Chris' s online gallery is now available!

About Chris


Born in Jackson, Michigan in 1957, Chris Blank is a self-taught artist who has been creating art since childhood.  Always finding materials from around the house to use as an outlet for his growing imagination.  

Having spent many years in his youth living outside of Michigan (Hawaii, California, and Texas), offered opportunities to observe different/ local cultures,  and provided him with inspiration to experiment with his art. 


Chris's passion is creating mix-media art on canvas, using acrylic paint as a foundation.  Each piece starts with building  texture using paint, paper, cardboard or fabric.  Even if he starts a painting with an idea in his head, the canvas takes over, and directs him which way to go... nothing is set in stone. Emotion and reaction come into play during its evolution... sometimes stepping back , and finding a  new voice to his work until he feel it has come to life.  (Pictured:  private collection - 12 feet wide by 5 feet)


Chris currently lives in his birth town of Jackson, Michigan, and his talent continues to mature and expand.  His range is diverse, but he prefers to exhibit what he gravitates to.  Abstracts.  Although abstract art can be controversial, Chris enjoys bringing several elements together to create a fantasy plane - as if there's a world beyond the visible layers.  It’s a world that lives in one place only, his mind filled fun, creative emotion, mixed with color and composition that would be hard to replicate.

Look at each piece, break it down, ponder it, smile because of it, or even wonder… what could he have been thinking?!? It’s all good.  (Pictured:  private collection)

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